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Two Olympians Teaching Mental Training to Young Athletes

**Two New Workshops Announced!!​ 

San Diego Area, May 3rd, 2014

Chino Hills, CA June 14th, 2014

Ta​​​​ki​​ng it on the road​​​​

On March 25th, Rebecca Soni and Ariana Kukors started their 5-week jour​ney. Learn more about our current trav​​​els, spreading the power of mental training!!




Using both our experiences as Olympians and research in sports psychology and positive psychology, the Summit Skills System contains a curriculum based on creating mentally strong, resilient athletes who learn how to leverage their strengths, gain control over nerves and change their game! These are skills we have learned on our quest to achieve peak performance as athletes at the ultimate level.

Practice Crashing!

Reb & Ari are bringing the experience straight to you!! Practice Crashes are a fun way to give back to our community of swimming and athletics. It's a spontaneous, fun and quick visit from the two Olympians. 


Request a Crash/Workshop here!!

ATLAS: revolution, revelation, re-creation, EXPLORATION​




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